Thursday, August 5, 2010

Virtual Assistant Investments

Just like any other, you would have to invest a certain amount of money to jump start your business.  Here are some of the investments you have to consider before starting  your Virtual Assistance business:

1.    A very reliable desktop computer. The one I’m using has the following specs - 4GB memory and 2.93GHz processor (Intel Core 2 Duo) and it has never failed me so far. This set up costs around P30000. (this is when having a credit card helps. just make sure you get the “zero” interest plan.)

2.    A fast internet connection. The one I am using is Sky Broadband. 1.5 mbps at P999. Pretty cheap. I have been using it for 14 months and I only experienced trivial technical concerns or once that are “force majeure” like during and after Ondoy and other storm visits.

3.    Other equipments like a headset with a noise canceling feature (for seamless communication with your client- granting your internet connection is seamless too..;p). 

I have tried a USB headset that costs Php2500, it lasted 2 months so I opted to buy a cheaper one that costs P750 then it lasted 4 months so I bought a really cheap one (P250) - lasted 1 month. Current one I am using costs P800 and all I can say is - so far so good.  It’s been with me for 4 months. Hope it won't give up on me anytime soon. I have no idea which brand is good. Argh! Would you a know?

Another important equipment is a scanner. I bought a Canon printer-scanner that costs P3,000. I need it to send documents that require my signature or any document that needs to be in .pdf format. And a webcam perhaps, in case your client requires you.

Lastly, get yourself an ergonomic office chair. You deserve it and you really need it. (What? Lazy Boy? Of course not. When you start earning big time then that’s the time you buy a Lazy Boy. ;p) Not because you work from home and not in a corporate office, you no longer deserve to sit on a fancy, comfy, rotating chair. ;p

4.    You also have to have a quiet workplace. One that is  conducive to productive output. Now this is challenging investment. You can’t just renovate your house and build a quiet work place/room. So this part is entirely up to how creative you can get. (Buy egg trays and stick it on the four corners of your room- sound proof it. Ban cars, tricycles and trucks from using your street while you are working – befriend the friendly neighborhood tanod or village guard. Buy a dog with noise canceling feature. Whatever suits you? Be creative. )

Put in mind that you don’t have to buy all these all at once. So don’t let this discourage you from jumping into the VA bandwagon. Make do with what you have first or buy whichever you think is most important and when you have the budget, invest on good quality equipments.

Next time I will share software tools that you will need to jump start your Virtual Assistance business or Virtual Assistance job.

What’s the difference between Virtual Assistance business or Virtual Assistance job by the way? In my succeeding blogs I will vividly elaborate the difference between the two. Of course I was exaggerating when I said “vividly elaborate” but yes I will try to elaborate their diff to the best of my ability. =)

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